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Imma Boada and Pau Xiberta at the Lonely Worker Event

Imma Boada and Pau Xiberta, researchers at GILAB, took part at Lonely Worker Event that took place in the Science Faculty of the UdG, on 25 May. Dra. Boada presented the lab experience on online courses. In particular, she presented LISSA, a serious game designed to complement Life Support training, and RadEd, a radiological education platform designed to prepare online courses. The Event was organized by Càtedra de Seguretat i Salut en el Treball.

Ester Bonmatí obtains PhD

segmentarferideswebEster Bonmatí, collaborator of the Institute of Informatics and Applications, obtained a PhD on 5 February. Under the supervision of GILAB’s senior researchers Dr Imma Boada and Dr Anton Bardera she developed the dissertation ‘Study of brain complexity using information theory tools’. Ester Bonmatí is currently a research associate at the Centre for Medical Image Computing of the University College London.