New interactive air pollution dashboard for the United Nations Environment Programme

The Visualization for Transparency Foundation (ViT) has developed an interactive application for the United Nations Environment Programme that has just been published. Check it here.

pollution_gilabThis interactive application allows visualising the causes and impacts of air pollution around the world and the different policies that countries are adopting to reduce it.

The project has been led by Xaquín Veira, professor of the Master in Data Science and the Master in Visual Tools to Empower Citizens and member of the research group GILab, and has involved the participation of students Aleix Alvarez, student of the degree in Computer Engineering, and Miguel Villalobos, of the degree in Design and Development of Video Games, have participated through a Workplace Internship, under the technical direction of Matt Osborn, also a professor of the master’s degree in Visual Tools to Empower Citizens.