Job offer: PhD in computer science

Gilab UdG

A pre-doctoral contract is offered for the training of a doctor under the coming FPI 2020 call from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. This position is available at the Graphics and Imaging Laboratory (GIlab) of the University of Girona to develop a doctoral thesis within the framework of the “Interactive technologies for improving serious games for education, health and industry” project, led by Prof. Mateu Sbert and Prof. Imma Boada.

The objective of the project is the improvement of interactive technologies, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), for serious games and its applications to education, health and industry, where specific sectors of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) education, rehabilitation, labour risk prevention, product presentation and others will be targeted.

The doctoral thesis will probably focus on the modelling and interactive visualization of eye-tracking trajectories for VR environments, but other subjects would be possible within the context of the project. The thesis will be carried out at GIlab under the supervision of a senior doctor of the group.

GILab is the Graphics and Imaging Laboratory of the University of Girona with many years of experience in image processing and visualization techniques, computer graphics, serious games, multimedia platforms and online training environments with a high capacity for technology transfer.


Candidates need a master’s degree in computer science or related subjects, and have to register at the School of Doctoral Studies of the University of Girona by the start of the contract. They may not apply or agree to recruitment in case of having started their pre-doctoral training with funding from other national grants or to be in possession of a Doctor’s degree, by any Spanish or foreign university.

In addition to the requirements of the call, it will be assessed a good level of English (minimum B2).


The conditions are those set by the FPI 2020 Call Subprogram for the training of research personnel of the State R+D+I Plan, Ministry of Science and Innovation:

  • The contract will have a maximum duration of 4 years, beginning the next course 2021/2022.
  • If you obtain your PhD before the 43rd month, you have a postdoctoral contract for the remaining months.
  • Annual gross salary: € 16,250 for the first two years, € 17,410 for the third year and € 21,760 for the fourth year (or € 28,800 if you already have the postdoctoral contract).
  • Additional aid: € 6,860 for tuition fees and for stays of at least one month in another centre.
  • Teaching tasks: maximum of 180 hours, not exceeding 60 hours per year.


Call deadline: October 27th, 2020 (14:00 Barcelona time).

The website you must request the grant is for project PID2019-106426RB-C31.

Send your CV, academic record and a motivation letter to by the 22nd October 2020. We will support selected candidates to apply for the FPI fellowship at the MICINN site.

The final resolution is expected to be published next spring.

For further information, contact Cristina Díaz at the e-mail address given.


Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting

Pulitzer prizesWe are proud to announce that Xaquín González Veira, PhD Student at Gilab, was part of the team that won the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting with the ‘Disaster in the Pacific’. This is an investigation on the staggering leadership failures that led to deadly accidents in the Navy and Marines by T. Christian Miller, Megan Rose and Robert Faurtechi of ProPublica.

National reporting category can be in any format that most clearly and powerfully tells the story and Xaquín is an expert in data visualization, visual explanations, and interactive storytelling.

The Pulitzers are generally regarded as the highest honour that U.S.-based journalists and organizations can receive. Congratulations!

Take a look at the report here.

Pau Xiberta obtains PhD

Pau PhDPau Xiberta, researcher at the GILAB research group and member of the Institute of Informatics and Applications, obtained a PhD on 25 May. His dissertation was supervised by Anton Bardera and Imma Boada and is entitled ‘Medical imaging applied to teaching and meat science’.

Publicació del llibre “Information Theory Tools for Visualization”

Portada del llibre "Information Theory Tools for Visualization"La prestigiosa editorial científica A K Peters/CRC Press ha publicat un llibre sobre teoria de la informació aplicada a la visualització de dades realitzat per diversos membres del grup GILAB. Miquel Feixas, Anton Bardera i Mateu Sbert, conjuntament amb Min Chen (Oxford University), Ivan Viola (Vienna University of Technology) i Han-Wei Shen (Ohio State University), són els autors del llibre “Information Theory Tools for Visualization“. El llibre fa una presentació clara de les eines bàsiques de la teoria de la informació juntament amb la seva aplicació en les principals tècniques de visualització, com la representació de volums, la selecció del punt de vista o la visualització dels fluids.

Imma Boada and Pau Xiberta at the Lonely Worker Event

Imma Boada and Pau Xiberta, researchers at GILAB, took part at Lonely Worker Event that took place in the Science Faculty of the UdG, on 25 May. Dra. Boada presented the lab experience on online courses. In particular, she presented LISSA, a serious game designed to complement Life Support training, and RadEd, a radiological education platform designed to prepare online courses. The Event was organized by Càtedra de Seguretat i Salut en el Treball.

Ester Bonmatí obtains PhD

segmentarferideswebEster Bonmatí, collaborator of the Institute of Informatics and Applications, obtained a PhD on 5 February. Under the supervision of GILAB’s senior researchers Dr Imma Boada and Dr Anton Bardera she developed the dissertation ‘Study of brain complexity using information theory tools’. Ester Bonmatí is currently a research associate at the Centre for Medical Image Computing of the University College London.

Guanghua Zhang at VIP IMAGE 2015

segmentarferideswebGuanghua Zhang, researcher at GILAB, took part at VIP IMAGE 2015, the 5th Thematic Conference on Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing. The event took place in Tenerife, Spain, on 19 -21 October. Mr. Zhang presented ‘Evaluation of Segmentation Techniques for Wound Area Identification,  a paper co-authored by GILAB members Guanghua Zhang, Pau Xiberta, Anton Bardera, Imma Boada and by Angel Romero, member of UdG’s Faculty of Nursing. VIP IMAGE is a thematic conference organized every two years by ECCOMAS, the European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences.

Xavier Bonaventura obtains PhD

BonaventuraPhDXavier Bonaventura, researcher at the GILAB research group and member of the Institute of Informatics and Applications, obtained a PhD on 10 July. Her dissertation was supervised by Miquel Feixas and Mateu Sbert and is entitled ‘Perceptual information-theoretic measures for viewpoint selection and object recognition’.

Marius Vila obtains PhD

Marius PhDMarius Vila, researcher at the GILAB research group and member of the Institute of Informatics and Applications, obtained a PhD on 9 July. Her dissertation was supervised by Miquel Feixas and Mateu Sbert and is entitled ‘Information theory techniques for multimedia data classification and retrieval’.

Mateu Sbert at University of Reims Champagne – Ardenne

urca(web)Mateu Sbert, director of the GILAB research group, delivered a talk on serious games at the University of Reims Champagne – Ardenne (URCA) on 23 April. Invited by URCA’s Centre de Recherche en Sciences et Techniques de l’Information et de Communication (CReSTIC), Prof Sbert gave the seminar “IMSERIOUS et le rendu expressif pour les jeux sérieux”. During the seminar, Sbert explained the goals and first outcomes of IMSERIOUS, project which aims to improve the creation, rendering and management of digital contents for serious games.

IMSERIOUS is a three-year R&D project sponsored by the Spanish Ministry for Economy and Competitiveness (Grant Reference: TIN2013-47276-C6-1-R).