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Awarded project to develop VR website for the rehabilitation of stroke patients

Endowed with 12,000 euros, the COMG e-health grant, delivered by the COMG and the Health Campus of the University of Girona, has awarded a project to develop a virtual reality website forehealth comg the rehabilitation of stroke patients. The project is led by researcher Yolanda Silva from the Hospital Dr. Josep Trueta, with the collaboration of Imma Boada, of the Graphics and Imaging Laboratory (GILAB) and Eva Barris, of MUTUAM Girona.

Under the title “Development of a virtual reality project for the motor and functional rehabilitation of stroke patients”, the project proposes to develop a rehabilitation environment based on immersive virtual reality.

This digital environment integrates users through the use of 3D glasses, gloves with electrodes and wireless controllers. The application aims to enable patients to work from the rehabilitation center but also home so that the patient can continue the process. o incorporate additional motivation to recovery, the project aims to create virtual environments from images provided by patients’ relatives that allow to simulate, for example, the movement of objects on the patient’s kitchen or make movements of a ball on their garden.

The COMG e-health grant was born in 2018 to promote transversal and multidisciplinary work in the field of health and that brings together professionals from different sectors such as doctors and nurses but also educators, computer scientists, biologists and biochemists, among others. It was promoted by the COMG and the Health Campus of the University of Girona.