TV broadcasts

The Gilab research has been shown in the following broadcast:

  • Calaisis TV, reportage about the 2012 AFIG (Association Française d’Informatique GraphiqueConference. Dr Mateu Sbert was invited speaker.

The research on 3D graphics has been shown in the following broadcasts

  • Producció 3D Parc Tecnològic de Girona (xarxa de televisions localsyoutube)
  • TEDxUdG 2013. Enhancement of videogames playing experience through the use of non photorealistic and artistic effects. (part 1, 35:18 to 46:35, youtube)
  • TEDxUdG 2013. Entropía y música. Javier García. (youtube).

The research on theoretical information measures and its applications to art have been shown in the following TV broadcasts:

The Legends of Girona Game developed at Gilab has been shown in the following TV broadcast:

and was highlighted in the Bloom facebook cover image.

The Quixote game has been described in the following radio interview: